Airframe & Engine Tooling

Airframe Tooling

Feza Aero manufactures a wide range of airframe tools for such airframe applications like landing gears, cargo doors, wheels and brakes, fuselage, wing, leading edge, trailing edge and tail structures.

We have the capability to provide airframe maintenance tooling for all the Airbus and Boeing fleets.

Engine Tooling

If you have a new engine introduction for your overhaul shop, or an AOG situation is planned for your existing engines, Feza Aero can manufacture and supply all the required engine tools packages that need to be received on time, in right quality, quantity and within budget.

We have the capability to manufacture engine tooling like Bootstraps, Slings and pedestal sets for various engines of CFM, IAE, Pratt&Whitney and Rolls Royce.


Feza Aero’s Engine Stands are engineered to perform the safest and practical operations in your engine removal, installation and transportation operations. Our all stands are manufactured according to industrial standards according to our ISO9001 supported quality system and all CE certified.

We have the following type of stands for the following engines, and also engineering new types continuously;


Long range of gse products such as Towbars, tire and brake dollies, fluid dispensers, engine washing carts and further more.